Charoset Bar

by Shoshana on April 3, 2014 · 7 comments

It started out innocently enough. One year my mom suggested that we make a cooked Sephardic charoset in addition to the chopped apple Ashkenazi one. So we did, and people liked it, and every year after that we had both kinds of charoset at our seder. Two charosets seemed reasonable, especially for big seders, so […]



Cranberry Pear Tart

by Shoshana on December 31, 2013 · 10 comments

Whenever I walk into a bakery and see the glistening beauty of a French fruit tart I always think of my mom. Our birthday tradition when I was growing up was to serve breakfast in bed to the person who has having the birthday. We would all pile into the bed an enjoy breakfast together […]



Apple and Honey Turnovers

by Shoshana on September 16, 2011 · 7 comments



Persimmon Bread

by Shoshana on December 6, 2010 · 1 comment

One of the things I love about being back in California is the wide variety of fruit and produce available here. It is December and we have all kinds of vegetables growing in the garden. I love walking around the neighborhood and looking at all of the different fruit trees. One of my favorite trees […]


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Apples and Honey Tart

by Shoshana on September 1, 2010 · 5 comments

Now that it is September I guess I can no longer pretend that Rosh Hashana isn’t right around the corner. But it is fast approaching. When the wonderful people at Kosher Eye asked me to give them a dessert recipe worthy of ending a Rosh Hashana meal I knew that it had to be something […]



Watermelon Basil Granita

by Shoshana on August 22, 2010 · 2 comments



Blueberry Nectarine Crisp

by Shoshana on July 23, 2010 · 2 comments

One thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around since we moved to California is just how amazing all the fruit is. I grew up here, so it shouldn’t be so shocking to me, but I just don’t remember it being this good. Maybe it is because I just took it for granted before. […]



Strawberries with Key Lime Custard

by Shoshana on May 28, 2010 · 9 comments

Things have been a bit hectic around here, so my posting schedule has been a bit off lately. The chaos has been caused by all good things, like my husband being ordained as a rabbi and us preparing to move to California, but it still leaves little time for anything else. I will try to […]



Rhubarb Lemonade for Mother’s Day

by Shoshana on May 8, 2010 · 3 comments

Mother’s Day is the holiday I most associate with brunch. Birthdays, anniversaries and other days celebrating individuals are celebrated differently by different people. But there seems to be a universal agreement that Mother’s Day should be celebrated with brunch. Preferably outdoors. Maybe I think that because that is just how we always celebrated it growing […]



Raspberry Mousse

by Shoshana on January 7, 2010 · 4 comments

This time of year I often find myself feeling like my body needs a bit of detoxing. After all of the overindulgence of the holidays fresh lighter foods seem more appealing to me than their heavier counterparts. The same goes for desserts. Don’t worry, I will be back to making insanely rich decadent things soon, […]



Roasted Pear Amaretto Trifle

by Shoshana on October 26, 2009 · 7 comments

Trifle is one of my favorite desserts. A layered dessert consisting of sponge cake, fruit, and pastry cream, there is something both elegant and comforting about it at the same time. I love the interplay of textures and flavors, and the beauty of layers in a clear glass bowl gets me every time. Until recently […]