Couldn’t Be Parve is a blog dedicated to natural parve (non-dairy) baking. Whatever the reasons a person may have for avoiding dairy, I truly believe that no one should have to sacrifice good taste to achieve those goals, especially when it comes to dessert. However I also believe that it is important to eat things that are as natural as possible, and therefore I only use natural substitutes for the missing dairy products.

It isn’t enough for a dessert to be “not bad for dairy-free.” It has be good period. I have been known to test my recipes at dairy meals, where people assume the dessert is also dairy, just to make sure it is up to my standards.

About the Author

I am a Conservative rabbi with a love of baking and a passion for confectionary arts. I started baking seriously while in college and I love to experiment with new ingredients and methods to stretch the limits of non dairy baking. I live in California with my husband and three little boys.

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