Oreo Wedding Favors

July 12, 2012

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here. I literally have barely had time to check my email, let alone get a blog post together. I am hoping things will calm down and I will be able to get back into a normal rhythm next week, but in the meantime I wanted to share these cute party favors I made for my sister’s wedding. They are simply chocolate covered oreos but they are always a big hit. It seems that the combination of chocolate and oreos ends up greater than the sum of its parts and people adore them. I left these plain at my sister’s request, but the chocolate can also be flavored using candy oils to make mint, orange, cinnamon or any other flavored chocolate covered oreos. (I am partial to the mint myself).

I made these using this mold. It is very easy to do, but does take a while because each of the white hearts needs to be filled individually before putting in the dark chocolate.
When I was ordering these I was thrilled to see how many different cute oreo molds there are available. Given how popular these seem to be I will probably end up getting some molds for other occasions as well.

It seems crazy to post a recipe for these, so I’m not, but I will be back with new recipes starting next week.

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  1. These look amazing! Your sister is one lucky lady! I hope the wedding was a wonderful simcha, and please send all my love and mazal to A and the whole family!!

  2. In case you didn’t know, Wilton has a number of Oreo molds as well, and far cheaper than the ones you linked to ($2, I think, and available at craft stores that accept coupons, so you can get them as cheap as a dollar).

  3. Just goes to show that something cute and popular doesn’t always have to translate into a complicated efforts.

    This look delicious and adorable.

  4. Shoshana gorgeous — your sister is so lucky to have you these look better than “professional” desserts and I bet they taste incredible!!!!!! I honestly wish the regular caterers would do something simply delish and elegent like this. Mazel tov to you all!

  5. Tonight I was looking for something else online, and happened to discover that the mold you used for your cookies is actually made by a company called Spinning Leaf. They sell the mold you used for far less than the site you linked to ($6 instead of $10), and have a much larger selection as well. Even though the Wilton molds are far cheaper, I definitely agree that these are more attractive. Ten dollars each really seemed overpriced, but six dollars I can justify! I certainly have no connection to the company; just thought I’d mention it because of the better price: http://shop.spinningleaf.com/

    • Thanks for letting me know. I actually got them on sale so I didn’t realize how expensive they were full price. Good to know there is a cheaper source if I need to get more. I will check out the wilton ones for other occasions, they seem like a great deal.

  6. These look delicious! I am trying to make something similar for my wedding and wondering what kind of melting chocolate you used to be parve and look so nice (and hopefully taste good too!) THanks!

    • Sorry for the slow response, I was out of the county with limited internet access. I have not found a parve candy melt type chocolate that I think tastes good. They all taste pretty waxy to me. For these I used callebaut chocolate which I buy in 5 kg bars. It is real chocolate so it needs to be tempered in order for it to set and stay shiny at room temperature, so you can’t just melt it and pour like you would with candy melts. I have found some delicious dairy candy melts (people sometimes even prefer them to real chocolate) so if they don’t need to be parve for the wedding I would be happy to send you the link to the dairy ones if you are interested.

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