Heavenly Bakers: Fruitcake

December 7, 2009

I was very excited about making this week’s cake because I absolutely adore fruitcake. I always thought that when it comes to fruitcake the sweeter and denser the better, especially when paired with New Years eggnog, but this recipe might have changed my mind. It is outstanding. The recipe doesn’t have molasses like the fruit cakes I have made in the past so the flavor is much lighter and the good quality candied fruit really shines. I loved the light texture when they were freshly baked. I am looking forward to seeing what it is like after aging. I made one 6-inch cake to age until New Years but I wanted to be able to taste it right away so I made the rest of the batter into individual cakes to taste and give away. Even my husband, who is not a fruit cake fan, kept asking me if I really needed to save all my cakes or if he could have another. I am tempted to make more and give them away for holiday gifts, but I don’t want to be that person who gave the fruitcake so I probably will make something else instead.

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  1. Oooh, those are cute! Your post almost makes me want to reconsider my decision not to make it. Did you soak your fruit in alcohol?

  2. Hi Hanaa,
    I did soak the fruit in alcohol and loved that the rum flavor came through so cleanly in the bites of fruit. If you have a chance, do give the recipe a go, I was glad I made it.

  3. I love fruit cake too. I was really excited to make this weeks cake. I have my aunts recipe which I really love and now I have this one. I wrapped mine to save for Christmas so I don't know if I really like this cake yet. Yours are beautiful.


  4. I love your fruitcake in paper cups! I thought those cup cases is to make panettone or bread – such good idea to make fruitcake too!

  5. I hope you let us know how the original fruitcake compares to the rum-soaked ones that you're saving for later. The taste of rum made the fruit taste so good that I was kind of sorry I decided to eat mine right away.

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