Yogurt Pushup Pops

January 10, 2012

In my fantasy I like to think of myself as the kind of mom makes my family a hot, wholesome, and nutritious breakfast every morning. Mornings would be a calm and relaxed time. We would all have time to sit and eat in an unhurried way before heading off to school. I might even get to drink a cup of coffee sitting down. In reality, our mornings are quite a bit more hectic than that. In the rush to get everyone out the door, breakfast is rarely a relaxing time. I will even admit that it is not infrequent that breakfast is eaten on the way to school. Clearly not ideal, but it is our reality. That is why we love yogurt pushups. Wholesome, nutritious and entirely portable, they are perfect for a healthy breakfast on the run. Somehow, putting yogurt in an ice cream pushup pop container makes it so much more fun to eat. My son absolutely loves them, and thinks of them as a special treat. Even better, they can be assembled the night before, ready to grab on the way out the door.

I usually make our yogurt pushps using plain nonfat greek yogurt and fruit purees (which I buy in the freezer section of the grocery), but the possibilities are endless. Any kind of yogurt (dairy or non-dairy) will work as long as it isn’t too runny (it should hold its shape on a spoon). Fresh or frozen fruit, jam, honey or any combination that goes well with yogurt works well with these. I especially love the combination of blueberries, lavender honey and slivered almonds. If using crunchy toppings, such as nuts or granola, it is best to assemble the pushpops right before eating them so that the toppings don’t get soggy. I like to make the yogurt pushups in layers because they come out so pretty, but if you want the toppings and yogurt more throughly distributed through the yogurt just mix them in a bowl before spooning them into the pushpop. Since this is more of an idea than a recipe I’m not posting a specific recipe, but I would love to hear what flavor combinations everyone comes up with.

Maybe someday I will have a household with calm relaxed mornings, but I certainly am not holding my breath. For now, if breakfast on the go can be as fun and delicious as these pushpops, that is good enough for me.

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  1. So, the pops come with caps? Or you have to cover them some other way? Either way, a fun idea. I guess you could make sandwich push up pops, too, although that would be more of a fun thing than a practical thing (look–a tuna fish and egg salad sandwich on a stick!).

    • They come with caps, but looked cuter without them for the picture. The caps make a pretty good seal, and I haven’t had any problems with them lying down in the fridge, but I probably wouldn’t throw them in a bag or purse just in case.

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