Kumquat Bourbon Sour

February 17, 2014

I often say I wish I had more friends who drink cocktails. When we have people over they tend to be wine or beer drinkers, or like my husband they enjoy scotch, neat. There is nothing wrong with that but I would love to have more opportunities to play around with making fun interesting cocktails. It feels like the next logical extension of dessert making, experimenting with various flavored syrups and infusions to make the perfectly balanced drink. While most of the time my friends would prefer something more straight forward, Purim is the perfect opportunity to experiment a bit more because everyone in a festive mood and willing to try something new. This kumquat bourbon sour is one of my favorite new drinks. The sweetness comes from kumquat syrup, the sour from fresh squeezed kumquat juice, and the kick comes from good quality bourbon. I love the combination of kumquat and bourbon and this drink is the perfect way to highlight that. Not to mention how pretty the garnish of candied kumquats is in the cup! Certainly a drink worthy of a royal banquet!


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Ingredients & Instructions

Ingredients & Quantities

  • 2 oz kumquat juice (made by juicing whole kumquats, not squeezing the juice out from inside)
  • 1 1/2 oz good quality bourbon
  • 2 oz kumquat syrup (syrup that remains from candied kumquats)
  • candied kumquats for garnish (see recipe here: candied kumquats)
kumquat bourbon sour

Preparation Instructions

Combine the kumquat juice, bourbon, syrup and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake until chilled. Strain and serve over ice. Garnish with candied kumquats.

Recipe Details

Recipe Times


5 Minutes




5 Minutes

Recipe Yield

1 drink

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  1. Love the candied kumquat garnish!

  2. All the reasons I love making cocktails too! While I still love a nice glass of wine, making a specialty cocktail when I have friends over has become pretty standard too. Few turn them down; that’s all I know!

    • Shoshana

      I should try just making them, I suppose people will drink them. After a party we had where I had an entire pitcher of a (very tasty) sake cocktail leftover I am a bit nervous to try again!

    • Shoshana

      BTW, everyone loves your chocolate liqueur recipe, though!

  3. Bourbon is my liquor of choice. And I love anything with kumquats, so this sounds very very appealing to me.

  4. Juicing kumquats must be difficult. I love that you have this full and unique flavor in this drink. Beautiful!

    • Shoshana

      It is actually easy, I use the kind of juicer that you would use for apples or veggies and the whole kumquats just go right through.

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