If You Had Chinese Food for Christmas Eve…

December 24, 2012

I’m a bit late to the December roundup, but since it still isn’t midnight here on the west coast I thought I would sneak a post in under the wire. There seems to be a tradition among America Jews to celebrate Christmas by eating Chinese food and seeing a movie. In honor of that the Kosher Recipe Roundup topic posted today features Chinese food. Since whenever we would order takeout from the Chinese restaurant there was always a ton of extra rice left over, I thought I would share this recipe from my archives Horchata Rice Pudding. The rice pudding uses leftover cooked rice and is the perfect way to use up those half empty takeout boxes come tomorrow. It also would make a lovely breakfast pudding if you cut the amount of sugar to make it less sweet and a bit more breakfasty.

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    • Horchata (the drink) is traditionally made with rice, almonds and cinnamon. Since I already had the rice part covered I figured I would use almond milk for the liquid to get the almond flavor in.

  1. So I guessed I decided last night to follow Jewish tradition! I haven’t been sick in years but I can tell a cold is coming on; the scratchy throat, deep chest rumbles and watery eyes…all pretty good signs. I’m gargling with salt water, taking Vitamin C and more and hoping I can keep it at bay.

    As a result, I cancelled on going to both a cocktail party and my daughter’s church for Christmas Eve services. That was harder than the party; she is the choir director and sings ‘O Holy Night’ at the last service and it’s just so beautiful it made me sad to miss it but life goes and I was hungry and not feeling up to cooking so…I ordered Chinese and I got a movie from Redbox!

    Your rice sounds great and I actually have some leftovers…thanks for sharing…both your tradition and your recipe!

  2. I always make fried rice, but only my husband and I like it. I think I could get the kids to eat this, sounds really good and I have a ton of rice in my freezer from my in laws crazy over ordering chinese for a chanukah party.

  3. I love Vietnamese cinnamon; much milder and somewhat sweeter than Chinese cinnamon or cassia. It’s a good ingredient for rice pudding where you don’t want the cinnamon to dominate. Sounds delicious.

  4. my grandma A”H always made rice pudding — and I loved it… never even occurred to me to make it a pareve version with all that left over rice from Chinese takeout. Have you ever tried this with soy milk — I used to love and live for almond milk but lately the after taste had been making my stomach turn — don’t know why? I am using the same brand…

    • I made this with almond milk because I wanted to almond flavor. I know what you mean about your tastes changing, that has happened to me with sone ingredients i used to love. I don’t love soymilk in “plain” recipes like this one because they taste too much like soy to me, but if you don’t mind that then soymilk would work fine. If I was making this recipe without almond milk I would probably use canned coconut milk mixed with a bit of water instead. It will taste a bit coconutty but will mostly just be creamy and delicious.

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