Hot Chocolate for a Snow Day

March 2, 2009

We have a snow day! I grew up in California and didn’t experience the joy of the snow day as a kid, so now as an adult I am always extremely excited by the prospect. While watching the snow through the windows, nothing is more perfect than a steaming cup of hot chocolate, especially if it is topped with a homemade marshmallow or two.

I like my hot chocolate rich and creamy. If I am looking for a hot beverage I will have a cup of tea or coffee. For me, hot chocolate should be decadent enough to be a dessert in and of itself. Most store bought hot chocolate mixes contain dairy, and many also contain non dairy creamer which is highly suspect on a nutritional level. There are some non dairy hot chocolate mixes out there. However, the ones I have found are just a mixture of cocoa powder and sugar, and need to be mixed with hot milk of some kind. They are fine as a hot beverage, but are not a rich and satisfying dessert.
I wanted to make something better. A parve (non-dairy) hot chocolate mix that is rich and decadent and can be made by simply adding hot water so that it can be enjoyed on shabbat if an urn of hot water has been left on. After several months of experimentation and many cups of hot chocolate I am very happy with the final results. It is coziness in a cup, the perfect antidote to a cold day.

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Ingredients & Quantities

  • 7.5 oz dark chocolate, finely chopped
  • 1.5 oz non dairy white chocolate, finely chopped
  • 3/4 cup soy milk powder
  • 3 Tablespoons good quality cocoa powder (such as Scharffen Berger)
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 24 oz boiling water

Preparation Instructions

Place all the ingredients except the water in a food processor and blend until everything is well mixed and finely ground.

Place a generous 1/2 cup of mix in each cup. (I know this seems like a lot, trust me it is the right amount. The soy powder dissolves into nothingness so quite a bit is needed.) Pour in boiling water and whisk until well combined and smooth.


Peppermint Hot Chocolate: substitute finely ground peppermint hard candies (such as candy canes) for the sugar.
Mexican Style Hot Chocolate: substitute finely ground cinnamon hard candies for the sugar.
Mocha: substitute strongly brewed hot coffee for the water.

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Recipe Yield

Four 6 oz. servings

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  1. It’s 80 degrees in SD today and I really miss you. Can we catch up soon, please? Also, making your marshallows totally made Christmas – it was the hit of the day!

  2. I miss you too, and I am fully jealous of your weather. We absolutely have to catch up! I have been thinking of you. I am taking an archeology class now and it brings back fond memories of mornings in the basement looking at slides! I’m glad you liked the marshmallows! I am going to be making a whole bunch this week to give away.

  3. MMMM. That sounds delicious!

    Your dad gave me your new addy so I could send off an invite. I figured your blog was the best way of contacting you as I think I may have the wrong email for you. Did you get the invite? Some folks have had trouble accessing the RSVP site, which is why I’m trying to get a hold of you. you can email me at

    Hugs to you and that adorable baby of yours.

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