Cranberry Dreidels

November 18, 2013

I absolutely adore cranberries in all forms. If I was forced to pick one element of the Thanksgiving meal that is my favorite I would definitely say it is the cranberry sauce. Every year we have least three different types of cranberry sauce on the table, sometimes more. When I started thinking about Thanksgivukkah mash up recipes I knew there were all kinds of fun options. Since I already made pumpkin pie sufganiot and dreidel hand pies I knew that this time I wanted to make something fun with cranberry sauce. Since jellied cranberry sauce holds the shape of the mold, Chanukkah themed cranberry sauce to serve alongside the turkey seemed like a fun way to combine the two holidays.

This jellied cranberry sauce is inspired by the flavors of one of my favorite whole berry cranberry sauces. The rosemary and balsamic make it a bit more of a savory condiment, perfect with turkey or other meats. The original recipe calls for port but in honor of Thanksgivukkah I decided to use Manischewitz wine instead and the result was fantastic. Sweet with a bit of a bite from the balsamic and herbacious undertones from the rosemary,this is a cranberry sauce that is anything but boring. In order to get it out of the small molds I used without deforming too much the sauce needs to be a bit more firm than traditional jellied cranberry sauce so I added a bit of gelatin to help it set. I used these silicon dreidel and star molds, but if you do not want to use those molds other cranberry molds or a small bundt pan will work as well.

For more fun Thanksgivukkah ideas check out what everyone in the Kosher Connection came up with this month.



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  1. Fun kid-friendly presentation, but sophisticated adult flavors–I like it. I wonder if the sugar-free idea would work here by adding in the apple and golden raisins in place of the sugar. The gelatin should help it set up.

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