Chocolate Ganache Cups

April 18, 2012

There is something about bite-sized desserts that I just love. Besides the fact that they are adorable, I love the idea that people can try a variety of desserts rather than just having to commit to a single piece of one thing. Because I’ll be honest. At a dessert buffet with many choices I always want to try all of them. Bite sized desserts make that a much more reasonable proposition.

When I have people over for Shabbat or holidays I often serve a selection of desserts and candies (especially marshmallows) rather than committing to a single large dessert because I love having the assortment (and because I have trouble deciding on a single dessert when there are so many things I want to make). These ganache filled chocolate cups would make a very elegant addition to any dessert selection. They can be served with other desserts or can be served as a stand alone dessert by using an assortment of toppings. (The chocolate cups are also delicious filled with peanut butter mousse or raspberry curd for even more variety.) I made these tiny because I was serving them as part of a large dessert buffet but for a stand alone dessert that can be made bigger by using regular sized muffin cups rather than the mini ones.

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Ingredients & Quantities

For Ganache

  • 12 ounces good quality dark chocolate
  • 1 1/2 cups (12 ounces) almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Chocolate Ganache Cups

  • melted chocolate (12 ounces will make approximately 48 candy cups)
  • foil or paper candy cups or mini muffin papers

Preparation Instructions

To Make the Ganache

There are two ways to make this ganache, with a food processor or an immersion blender. If using a food processor coarsely chop the chocolate and then process it in a food processor until finely chopped. Heat the almond milk until just boiling (this can be done in the microwave). Pour it into the food processor while the motor is running. Process until the chocolate is fully melted. Add the vanilla and then process until smooth and glossy.

If using an immersion blender chop the chocolate until it is in very small pieces, no bigger than a lentil. Place the chocolate in a large bowl. Heat the almond milk until just boiling (this can be done in the microwave). Pour the almond milk slowly over the chocolate while blending with the immersion blender. Add the vanilla and blend until smooth and glossy.

Pour the ganache into a shallow dish and let stand at room temperature until it has set, at least a few hours (the time it will take to set is determined by how warm the kitchen is). Once the ganache has set it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month.

To fill the cups place the ganache in a pastry bag fit with a large tip. (I like a star tip, but a round tip will work too.) If you do not have a pastry bag the ganache can be piped out of a large ziplock bag with a corner cut off. Pipe the ganache into the chocolate cups and top with assorted garnishes, such as candied kumquats, natural maraschino cherries, fresh fruit like strawberries or raspberries, or even some grated chocolate or a chocolate covered coffee bean.


To Make the Chocolate Cups

Place a dollop of chocolate in the bottom of the cup (it should come about 1/4 of the way up the side.) Using a small paint brush paint the chocolate evenly up the sides. Repeat with the remaining cups. Refrigerate cups until firm. Remove the cups from the refrigerator. Paint a second coat of chocolate on the sides and on any thin spots on the bottom or the cup. Refrigerate again until firm. Carefully and gently remove the wrapper. The chocolate cups are very fragile and a few may break during this process so it is a good idea to make a few extras just in case.


    • I mostly use callebaut semi-sweet dark chocolate. It is parve but sometimes hard to find in home sized quantities (I get the 11 lb bars). I also like the Scharffen Berger chocolates. The smaller bars, which are packaged for eating, are hekshered dairy but the larger baking bars are parve and they have a variety of different percentages of chocolates.Another good option for parve dark chocolate is Alprose Swiss which is available at Kosher stores.

      For chocolate chips I like the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate chips. Whole Foods also has a brand of parve chocolate chips, I think it is called “Enjoy Life” but I’m not sure.

      I hope this helps, if other people have suggestions please post them as well.

  1. these look delectable! how far in advance can one pipe the ganache into the chocolate cups? would it keep a few days in the fridge?
    similarly with the other fililngs, can they be piped in advance and stored in fridge or will the peanut butter or raspberry curd start weeping and leaking into the chocolate?

    • I’m glad you like them. The fillings can be piped a day in advance and the cups refrigerated in a tightly sealed container. If making multiple fillings refrigerate each type separately because the stronger flavors my transfer to the others. Also, I would wait to add the toppings until right before serving. I hope that helps.

  2. I usually make Ganache using cream, decided to try your Almond Milk version. After 4 hours I’m still waiting for it to set. I had reservations when I started in thinking there was far too much liquid to chocolate. I guess chocolate milk will be on the menu for several days……..

    • This is a fairly soft ganache, more for frosting and fillings than the kind that would be firm enough to roll into a truffle. I have found that if my kitchen is warm it needs to be placed in the refrigerator before it becomes firm enough to softly pipe, so perhaps you might want to try that before just giving up and drinking it (although I’m sure that would be delicious!). I’m sorry the recipe didn’t turn out like you had expected.

  3. My daughter is nut, dairy, and egg allergic – but is ok with soy. Have you tried this or other ganache / frosting / yummy chocolate recipes with soy milk?

    • I imagine this ganache should work with soy milk (if I remember correctly the original recipe that I adapted called for soy, but I changed it because I don’t like soy milk). If she can have coconut that is actually my favorite way to make ganache. The ganache I used in these strawberries is wonderful and it whips to a great frosting/filling consistency. I also use coconut milk to make ganache for truffles, and to make tarts. If she can’t have coconut and you want to make truffles for her I recommend these raspberry truffles, . Hope that helps, let me know if I can help with any other recipe ideas.

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