Pumpkin butter

October 19, 2013
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October is pumpkin month. They are everywhere and in everything, and to tell you the truth I am thrilled. I have been eating pumpkin with almost every meal and am loving it. (In case anyone was wondering, pumpkin slices sprinkled with a bit of pumpkin pie spice and salt and roasted at high temperature until […]

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Lego Party

October 15, 2013
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My oldest son is very into themed birthday parties. He had selected the theme he wanted for this year’s party before he even had his party last year. Last year was an under the sea theme. This year it was lego. My son absolutely adores legos. He went to a lego engineering camp last summer […]

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding

October 9, 2013
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There is a pop-up pumpkin patch that we drive past on the way to my kids’ school. The kind that most of the year is an empty lot but in the fall transforms into a kids wonderland, with pumpkins, hay bales and a petting zoo. Every single day on our way to and from school […]

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Fun with Mike and Ikes

October 2, 2013
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Now that the fall holidays are over and the baby is almost two months old (when did that happen!) I am hoping to carve out a bit more time for blogging again. Since time is a bit on the short side these days I wanted to jump back into the swing of things with some […]

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Apple and Honey Trifle

August 23, 2013
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I know it’s still August, but with Rosh Hashana so early this year it is time to start talking about honey cake. I often feel that in many ways honey cake (lekach) is kind of like the Jewish equivalent of fruitcake. It is the baked good that everyone has to have on the table and […]

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Caramel Apple Ice Cream

August 19, 2013
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It is hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end, but with my oldest son going back to school today I guess it is time to face the fact that the long lazy days of summer drawing to a close. Even though fall is fast approaching, and our school year routines of […]

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What I’ve been cooking up

August 9, 2013
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In case you notice things are a bit quieter on the posting front for a little while. Meet little Bean, born last Sunday, August 4th.

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Raspberry Limeade

August 2, 2013
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This raspberry limeade is a variation on the strawberry lemonade I posted a little while back. Once I got started macerating fruit with sugar to make a syrup for drinks the possibilities seemed endless. Fruit, citrus, and sugar and you have the makings of the perfect summer drink. This is one of my favorite so […]

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Homemade Halvah

July 24, 2013
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There are some foods that are so intrinsically tied up in memories that I can never eat them without thinking of the person who first introduced me to that food. For me, halvah is one of those foods.  I have fond memories of visiting my Uncle Henry and Aunt Helen in Miami when I was a child. Their apartment, […]

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Gluten-free Honey Cake

July 22, 2013
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As some of my regular readers may have noticed over the past year I have been participating in the Kosher Connection Link-ups, posting a recipe each month in keeping an assigned theme. As a dessert blogger it is a been a wonderful challenge and I look forward to each month’s linkup. For the one year […]

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Mocha Ice Cream

July 17, 2013
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Since July is National Ice Cream month I thought it was high time I post an ice cream recipe. I happen to love ice cream, and never really need an excuse to make it, but an entire month dedicated to ice cream is absolutely not something I want to miss! While I love a cold […]

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